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Under Observation

by Softest Jupiter Escape

          As a part of Bricolage Production Company’s 2018 Bazaar fundraiser, we were provided a 12’ X 8’ X 8’ storage pod to create a 10-minute immersive experience. We created an interactive escape room for groups up to six people, guiding them through creating a cure for a zombie-like fungal disease. As the scenic designer, I designed and sourced the props and set decoration that helped transform the storage pod into a 'mobile research station'.

          I also created some of the interactives within the pod. One of the goals of Bricolage is to create accessible experiences that everyone can participate in. One of the puzzles I created (best seen in the upper left photo) was solved through touch. Different items were hidden in small compartments, where participants would have to figure out which item fit a given description. I prototyped and tested the interactive across multiple groups of people before its use in the experience.

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