Directed by: Crystal Manich

Scenic Design: Alex Kaplan

Costume Design: Gina Cercone

Lighting Design: M.K. Barber​​

A Serbian acapella opera, Svadba tells the story of a woman (Milica) and her five friends as she prepares to get married the next day, leaving everything she knows behind. Together the women go through a series of rituals to prep Milica for her wedding, such as dying her hair and bathing her. In an intimate, immersive playing space sit objects of generations past, providing a place for Milica to make peace with her own journey through exploring and understanding the women that have gone before her.


SketchUp Renderings

With Vray 

Model Images




After the Initial Creative Meeting (ICM) with the design team, I put together this document to organize some of the visual research I had done into 'Image Sets'. This helped focus the creative team's ideas into the beginnings of a cohesive design.