Scenic Painting and

Props Construction/Artisanry

Backpack Puppet

Collaborating with the Costume Designer, Director, and actors, I researched, designed, and built a backpack-style puppet for the production Stumpy Legs Too Short at Carnegie Mellon.

Using a PVC backpack frame from a previous show, I added arms with different types of joints at the elbow and shoulder to provide human-like movement. I worked with the puppeteer throughout the rehearsal process to make sure the puppet was both comfortable and easy to use while simultaneously fulfilling the costume designer’s vision.

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Plaster Urns

For a production of The Rose Tattoo at Williamstown Theatre Festival, an urn was broken each night. Consequently, I cast and painted 30 urns throughout the run.

Clock Tree

For the class Scenic Painting 2, I was tasked with designing, budgeting, and creating my own project. I designed a clock tree from the book series The Magicians by Lev Grossman. After creating a rendering and to-scale model, I made a schedule and budget for labor and materials. I then used foam and different types of fabric to achieve the shape and bark-like texture.

Other Projects