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August-December of 2020

In the summer of 2020, I found myself wanting to flex my creative muscles and meet others within the Themed Entertainment industry, so I made a post on Linkedin to see if anyone would be interested in working together. This simple post turned into a full-blown multi-month experience with industry mentors guiding a group of young professionals through the Blue Sky and Concept Design Phases for two original theme park ideas.

I was both a participant in the challenge, working on the Deja Reveria park, and a part of the group of mentors helping to work on organization and planning.

If you would like to view the Blue Sky and Concept Design pitches for the two parks, visit the Imagithon Challenge YouTube channel!



Alex Grayman

Andrew Porter

Andy Garfield

Bill Kivi

Chris Bradley

Cynthia Sharpe

Jamie Bartkowicz

Kathy Dixon

Michael Libby

Michelle Hicks

Natalie Nielson

Nicolle Figueroa

Patrick Kling

RJ Silva

Xavier Treto

Alex Goddard

Alex Kaplan

Alyssa Gonzalez

Annie Shuermann

Benton Shortridge

Bonnie Stinson

Brooke Pandos

Caitlin Martins

Celine DeSaix

Connor Gohl

Danielle Lotridge

Emily Le

Evan Foreman

Grace Perrotta

Hannah Anderson

Henry Duhaime

Jasmine Currey

Jessica Shock

Jojo Leovonchiong

Josh Moran

Justin Durgana

Kali Fuller

Kelly Baily

Kelsey Connolly

Kyle Branch

Manika Gupta

Marieke Van Der Maelen

Mark Lim

Meaghan O'Rourke

Melissa Leahy

Mercedes Hesselroth

Mia Lestorti

Michael Artwell

Paige Reiter

Rachel Nakamura

Randy Amil

Reese Patillo

Sai Phani Utkarsh Kethana

Sara Greenwood

Scott Schmader

Shannon Campbell

Stefan Grambart

Summer Martin

Ten Francis

Theron Langhorne

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