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Part of the Imagithon Challenge, Deja Reveria was conceived of and designed by a group of 20+ themed entertainment young professionals and mentors. Tasked with creating a theoretical theme park utilizing the existing infrastructure from a long-abandoned amusement park in New Orleans, we drew upon Louisiana legends and folklore to create a unique and compelling narrative. As we moved through the blue sky and concept phases, we split into two teams each focused on one of the six lands within Deja Reveria. My team developed the land of Spirits' Crossing, a lively, quirky land built by voodoo spirit guides that sits between life and death. 


Writer: Jess Shock

Producer: Rachel Nakamura

Concept Designers: Alex Kaplan, Theron Langhorn, Celine DeSaix, Brooke Pandos

Graphic Designers: Kelsey Connolly,  Alex Goddard


This attraction is an aerial carousel hosted by Linto, the spirit guide of miracles.

Guests are invited to be a part of a fantastical show that Linto is putting on for his family, the other spirit guides that reside in Spirits' Crossing. As the ride progresses, guests will have the ability to follow Linto's choreography instructions (or not if they are feeling particularly bold). Guests watching the experience will be able to use their magically imbued objects (available for purchase across the park) to interact with the ride by changing the colors and flashing of the many lights. Leave the rest of the show to Linto, he will make sure it feels truly magical.


Artwork by Alex Kaplan. Ride logo designed by Kelsey Connoly.



As a spirit guide who always has an excuse to party, Baron Samedi is hosting an open house. It’s there that guests will meet Baron just as he discovers that zombis have infiltrated his house. Again.

Before embarking on this comical zombi chase, the seat guests take on the ride vehicle will randomly assign whether they’ll help Baron round up the runaway zombis, or foil his attempts and let the fun-loving zombis run amuck.

This exciting interactive erratic dark ride has much to offer, as each time a guest rides they get a new experience, whether by taking on a different role or discovering a new part of Baron's eccentric home. 

Artwork by Alex Kaplan.


The Gates of Guinee is a fast-paced dark ride adventure passing through the seven Guinee gates of the underworld.

Guests will get to explore this underworld and meet more of the spirit guide family. But be warned, Guinee is not meant for the living and not all of the spirit guides are friendly...


Artwork by Alex Kaplan.

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